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GUNIWHEEL™ is designed as alternative to jack stands and is intended for vehicle mounting purposes.
GUNIWHEEL™ is not a spare tyre. It is not intended for road use. It may be used to move vehicles around a shop or lot at a max speed of 8kmph. Before installation, make sure the hub/rotor is securely attached to the car and free of any damage.

Installed Guniwheel on car

Figure 1

Align the GUNIWHEEL™ with the lug pattern of the vehicle. Lugnut and bolt assemblies vary by the vehicle manufacturer. Place the GUNIWHEEL™ flush against the hub/rotor. (see Figure 1)

wheel break disk

Figure 2

If the vehicle has over-sized brake calipers, a GUNISPACER™ should be used behind the GUNIWHEEL™ to create enough clearance from the caliper to allow an unobstructed rotation of the GUNIWHEEL™ while securing the correct position against the hub/rotor. (see Figure 2)

The GUNISPACER™ should only be used as a brake caliper clearance device. It is not a washer for bolts and lugnuts that are not the suitable size to secure the GUNIWHEEL™.

Installed Guniwheel on car

Figure 3

If the original OEM bolts or lugnuts are unable to tightly secure the GUNIWHEEL™ to the vehicle hub/rotor then other hardware must be purchased to suit the vehicles bolt, lugnut, and thread specification to enable secure installation of the GUNIWHEEL™
(see Figure 3)

technician installing Guniwheel

Figure 4

Once the GUNIWHEEL™ is in the correct position, insert the suitable bolts into the lug holes and make sure to tighten the bolts according to the vehicles torque specification. If the vehicle has the stubs (bolts) extruding from the hub/rotor make sure the lugnuts can tighten GUNIWHEEL™ securely against the hub.
(see Figure 4)
If there is any noticeable movement of the GUNIWHEEL™ once the lugnuts or bolts are tightened to OEM specification, then the installation is not correct. The GUNIWHEEL™ should be remounted and tightly secured to the hub/rotor.
Do not over torque the lugnuts/bolts as this may damage to the lug pattern.
Guniwheel Notice
Motorised use of a vehicle with the GUNIWHEEL™ has a max speed limit of 8kmph.
The GUNIWHEEL™ comes equipped with speed humps on the rubber tread. These humps will shake the vehicle at speeds over 8kmph.
We recommend replacing the GUNIWHEEL™ when the speed humps are worn to a level even with the rubber tread.
The max load rating is embedded into the GUNIWHEEL™ .
The makers of GUNIWHEEL™ are not liable for any damages as a result of improper installation or non-recommended use.