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What is GUNIWHEEL ™?

GUNIWHEEL ™ is the world’s first vehicle and trailer mounting system as a safe alternative to unstable jack stands, jacks, and car mounts. It is also an ideal solution for long-term storage of automotive or marine vehicles whether in storage facilities or garages. This is to avoid getting flat tyres when vehicles are not in use for extended periods of time.


Safer alternative to jack stands for mounting purposes GUNIWHEEL™ is the ideal answer and a much-needed solution for car repair shops, collision shops, and other related businesses such as vehicle customisation and restoration shops wherein the tyres and wheels need to be removed and the vehicle mounted on jack stands.

Leaving vehicles mounted on jack stands and blocks are unstable and there is an alarming number of accidents in Australia related to their use. This may also likely cause damage to the vehicle’s body if the jack stands and blocks are in a poor position.
In contrast, with GUNIWHEEL ™ securely attached instead of using a car jacks, the vehicle is in a stable position.
blue car replaced by Guniwheel

Allows Moving Around of Vehicles in Car Shops


It also makes it possible to move the vehicle around the shop or lot, thus increasing the operational efficiency in car repair and collision shops. This mobility, therefore, reduces clogging of work bays.

This is a huge time saver as well since the wheels need not be reattached should there be a need to move the vehicle to a different area of the shop or lot.

Perfect For Long Term Storage of Vehicles in Storage Facilities and Garages


Vehicles in storage facilities tend to get flat tyres and dry outs on side walls during long-term storage.

GUNIWHEEL™ is also a perfect solution for such facilities or even for residential garages when vehicles will not be in use for a long time, whether they are cars, campers, or boat trailers.

Boat wheel replaced by Guniwheel
Guniwheel product

Important Facts to Know


The GUNIWHEEL™ is manufactured using non-marking natural rubber with speed humps for the tire and high-quality mild steel.

GUNIWHEEL™ is intended as a safer option for jack stands. That being said, it is NOT to be used as a spare tyre and NOT intended for road use.
For motorised use, the maximum speed is 8 kph. Beyond that limit, the vehicle will start to shake due to speed humps on the rubber tread.

We recommend replacing the GUNIWHEEL™ when the speed humps wear out in such a way that it is already even with the rubber tread.

Mounting vehicles on jack stands and blocks are unsafe and cause clogged car repair/customisation/restoration shops and a damaged vehicle. Have a safer, more efficient work bay as well as worry-free long-term vehicle storage with GUNIWHEEL™.